Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning


    *Eliminating irritants such as pollen, dirt, dust, dust mites, grease, nicotine, smoke residue, and bacteria.

    *Thoroughly cleans all the parts of your blind’s including cords, slats, ladders, head rails, and mechanisms in the head rail.


    *Saving you time and effort.  Not many people enjoy spending their free time removing, spraying, wiping, rinsing, and rehanging their blinds only to be disappointed when they discover scratches, dirty strings, and left behind residue. 


    *Providing fast, convenient and efficient cleaning methods.   Same day service is available In many cases.

    *Environmentally friendly, biodegradable chemicals are used to gently clean your blinds and shades.  No harsh chemicals are used on your window coverings. 

Ultrasonic cleaning can enhance the quality of your window coverings by...

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